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Thin film panel introduction

Thin film panel is a kind of text mark and trademark that is popular in recent years. It is a combination of decorative and functional. In the PVC, PC, PET and other flexible plastic materials on the printed graphics, text descriptions, transparent windows, etc., affixed to different types of double-sided adhesive, made for the identification and protection of plastic products. The film panel is beautiful in appearance, with clear graphics and good sealing. Waterproof, anti-deformation, anti-pollution, anti-high temperature, strong viscosity and other characteristics. Widely used in intelligent electronic measuring instruments, medical equipment, computer control, CNC machine tools, electronic weighing, post and telecommunications, copiers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, fans, washing machines, electronic games and other industrial and household electrical appliance products.
Thin-film panels are made of flexible plastic materials such as PVC, PC, PET, etc.
Made of plastic products for marking and protection.
The film panel adopts different materials to determine its price and performance. The biggest feature of the film panel produced by screen printing is:
1. Clear and intuitive graphics and text, and can adapt to different planes and curved planes.
2, the choice of different materials, can make PVC, PC, PET and other materials.
3, the film panel has: waterproof, anti-deformation, anti-pollution, anti-high temperature, highly viscous characteristics.
In the industry, we refer to thin film panels as membrane switch panels. In fact, in different industries, membrane switch panels have different names. The following are common:
1, membrane switch. 2, the film touch the keyboard. 3, stickers. 4, mask. 5, conductive lines. 6, the key switch. 7, face paste. 8, touch switches and so on.
Commonly known as PVC panel editing
PVC panel is a kind of film panel, which uses PVC as the main material, uses silk screen technology to put graphics, text, logo in one of the plastic products that mainly play a role of protection and identification. The general PVC panel is printed on the reverse side, and On the back is covered with strong adhesive double-sided adhesive.
PVC sheets are not high-temperature resistant, solvent-resistant and brittle and brittle. Moreover, panels made of PVC materials are generally inexpensive, and in production and life applications, the use of such panels is primarily to protect and label products. .
PVC panel features: clear graphics; strong ink adhesion; and mechanical and plastic compatibility is quite good. The general thickness is: 0.25MM--2MM, this type of panel can not be convex keys package, can not make a greater degree of bending, in Deformation is likely to occur in environments above 50 degrees Celsius;
Panels with PC and PET panels are more widely used in the future.
Panel layer
The panel layer is generally made of fine patterns and text on silk screens of colorless transparent PET, PC, etc. below 0.25 MM.
The important role is to identify and press buttons, so the selection of materials must have high transparency, high ink adhesion, high elasticity, anti-folding and other   characteristics.
Pad layer
The main function of the pad layer is to connect the panel layer with the circuit layer to achieve the effect of sealing and connection. This layer generally requires a thickness of 0.02 --- 0.05MM, with high strength and anti-aging properties; In production, a special membrane switch double-sided tape is generally used. Some membrane switches are required to be waterproof and prevent high temperatures. Therefore, the adhesive layer must also use materials of different properties as required.
Circuit layer
This layer uses a good performance polyester film (PET) as the carrier of the switch circuit pattern and on which a silver paste carbon paste or gold paste is screen printed with a special process to make it conductive, and its thickness is generally 0.05--0.175 Within MM, the most common is 0.125 MMPET
Waterford Thin Film Control Circuit Upper and Lower SMT Patches
Lamination layer
It is between the upper circuit and the lower circuit layer and plays the role of sealing and connection. It is generally made of PET double-sided tape with a thickness ranging from 0.05 to 0.2 mm. When choosing this layer material, it should fully consider the overall product. Thickness, insulation, circuit keys and feel and sealing.
Back layer
The use of back-adhesives is closely related to what kind of material the film switch panel is affixed to, and more commonly used are ordinary double-sided adhesive, 3M glue, waterproof glue and so on.
Application area
Widely used in home appliances, instrumentation, mechanical and electronic and medical equipment, such as the switch panel, the brand name trademark OEM, etc., has fundamentally changed the aluminum panel and other traditional panel material defects, has become the most ideal new modern panel one.
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